Lifelong Learning Programme


Wyższa Szkoła Informatyki, Zarządzania i Administracji w Warszawie
(Warsaw Academy of Computer Science, Management and Administration)

Warsaw Academy of Computer Science, Management and Administration is a dynamic private university. Every educational programme we organize meets the requisites and procedures of the European Union. We pay special attention to formulating strategies related to the challenges that the globalization and constant changes in economic life bring about. We consider practical abilities to be crucial. That's why during the educational process we put a special emphasis on strategic planning and on the perfecting of the essential managerial skills. Our academic programmes include European administration and Running a company in European Union. Cooperation with Spain is one of the goal's of our development.

Търговско-промишлена палата
(Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Dobrich, Bulgaria is the biggest business support organization in the region of Dobrich, part of the network of the Bulgarian chambers of Commerce and Industry. The goals of CCI - Dobrich are to increase regional economic growth and prosperity, to stimulate international trade and investments, to encourage international exchange and promote the interests of member companies on local, national and international levels. Within the new CIP program (2007-2013) the Chamber of Commerce in Dobrich is one of the host structures of the Enterprise Europe Network, which offers a comprehensive range of services for European SMEs and entrepreneurs, providing tailor-made solutions at any stage of a company's life cycle.


ITURBROK S.L. provides since 1992 consultancy, technical assistance and specialized services relating to Information Society and IT. Most part of its activities focus on developing projects concerning ICT appliance, managing telecentres, developing and maintaining teleservices, IT learning, e-learning activities including the development of e-contents and e- tools, consultancy, training and e-training services provision related to eworking and virtual organisation competences.

SIA “Centro Picasso”
(Centro Picasso Ltd.)

Breaking the barrier between dry language classes and culture studies, Spanish study centre “Centro Picasso” offers its students mixed language and culture classes, during which Spanish teachers who are native speakers teach not only Spanish language but also ensure the understanding about the Spanish culture, thus promoting the cross-cultural dialogue and fighting against stereotypes about Spain. Mixed language and culture classes, teachers from Spain,  live language, cultural activities – Centro Picasso: more than just language classes.

Fundatia Centru Educational Soros
(Soros Educational Center Foundation)

The Soros Educational Center`s primary aim is to serve the educational needs of the community. The Center offers language courses and computer courses that lead to internationally recognised certificates (German Goethe Institut, Cambridge and ECDL certificates), organises teacher trainings and workshops and builds European partnerships to work on projects sponsored by the European Commission or other institutions. The Center conducts also different research work and supports publishing books through projects. In addition, the English Language Library is open to everyone and the helpful staff are available to give advice, to help individuals interested in further education possibilities or to support and assist small NGOs in writing an application.


E@I – a truly international organisation! We are young people who like to work on various projects related to education and the Internet (the name E@I comes from "Education@Internet"). E@I promotes international collaboration and communication throughout the world. We host educational projects and meetings to support intercultural learning and the usage of languages and internet technologies.