Lifelong Learning Programme


The ESPA 2.0 Project is a result of the transfer of practices, experience and products created in the process of the ESPA EST Project implementation in 2005-2007 ( within the framework of Leonardo da Vinci Project by partners from Spain, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. The fundamental reason for the Project ESPA resulted directly from the fact of UE expansion to new West European countries. First of all, the issue was to introduce and promote new opportunities of business contacts for SME sector between Western and Eastern Europe, including Spanish-speaking world. Apparently, business contacts between Spain and Middle-East Europe are well developing, but in many cases lack of knowledge of Spanish language poses an obstacle in their dynamisation. The source of solution to this important problem is: to create materials and tools for learning Spanish which would simultaneously help implement business purposes. Project ESPA 2.0. implements all purposes of Project ESPA, and, furthermore, transfers the results of the project to new countries of Middle-East Europe (Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland).

The main aims and objectives of this project are as follows: development of common business strategies, contribution to the growth in competitiveness of European companies, as well as facilitating the development of commercial contacts between SMEs in Middle and Eastern Europe with Spain. The basic tool indispensable in this process is a specially developed, designed and evaluated Spanish business course. Hence, the aims and objectives of the project cover also the development of language skills, business skills and mobility of the project participants. In the process of works under the project, 4 main products of ESPA Project will be transferred: ESPA Learning, ESPA Dictionary, ESPA Info and ESPA Base. These products will undergo minor substantive (methodological) and quality modifications, an then will become properly adapted linguistically to countries which will participate in the project. Moreover, two new products will be prepared to enhance business communication of entrepreneurs from Middle and Eastern Europe with Spanish companies and institutions (ESPA-B2B product) and for modern dissemination (ESPA-Society product).